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Copenhagen Denmark

Tender Service

We offer tender service in all danish straits. From below positions adjacent to route T (excl. the Sound), we are able to provide the following services: Pilot booking, Crew change, Stores / Spares / Provisions delivery, Cash to master delivery, Slop disposal, Bunkering, Supply of fresh water, Diving inspections / Hull cleaning, On / Off hire surveys, Warehousing ship spares / stores, closings, supply of technicians/welders, lub oil in drums, ship provisions & delivery of spare parts. We also offering our agency services at bunkering operations in Danish waters.


We always coordinate above services with minimum delay for vessels passing our Danish Straits

  • The Sound
    (Copenhagen & Helsingoer Roads/Anchorage)
  • Skaw Area
    (Skaw Roads/Anchorage)
  • Kattegat
    (Grenaa Roads/Anchorage)
  • Great Belt
    (Kalundborg, Korsoer & Spodsbjerg Roads/Anchorage)
  • Caddet Route
    (Gedser Roads)
  • Bornholm
    (Roenne – Allinge Roads)
  • North Sea
    (Hirtshals & Thyboroen)