Complex logistics projects

Baltic Projects

Why choose us as your project partner?

Our project department helps everyone in the logistics chain manage and execute complex logistics projects involving oversized, heavy, and high-value cargo. We ensure the cargo reaches its destination safely, on time, and within budget. Our project department offers the whole scoop hereunder; logistic planning, loading/unloading, stowage LSD, carrier selection, route surveys, documentation, compliance, and risk management.

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Ronnie Hulstrøm

CEO | Chartering | Shipmanagement

Mikkel Schmidt

Fleet Manager | Chartering | Shipmanagement

Frederik Lytzen

Broker | Chartering | MBA

Andreas Rüssell Markdan

Broker | Chartering

Kent Ejler Jensen

Project Manager | Baltic Projects

Alexander Radich Pedersen

Broker | Chartering

Rasmus Steen Olsen

Broker | Chartering