Tender Service

We offer tender service in all Danish straits. From below positions adjacent to route T (excl. the Sound), we are able to provide the following services: Pilot booking, Crew change, Stores / Spares / Provisions delivery, Cash to master delivery, Slop disposal, Bunkering, Supply of fresh water, Diving inspections / Hull cleaning, On / Off hire surveys, Warehousing ship spares / stores, Closings, Supply of technicians/welders, Lube oil in drums, Ship provisions and D

elivery of spare parts. We also offering our tender services at bunkering operations in Danish waters.

We always coordinate above services with minimum delay for the vessels passing our Danish Straits

  • The Sound (Copenhagen & Helsingoer Roads/Anchorage)
  • Skaw Area (Skaw Roads/Anchorage)
  • Kattegat (Grenaa Roads/Anchorage)
  • Great Belt (Kalundborg, Korsoer & Spodsbjerg Roads/Anchorage)
  • Caddet Route (Gedser Roads)
  • Bornholm (Roenne – Allinge Roads)
  • North Sea (Hirtshals & Thyboroen)