From Classroom to Boardroom: Fridtjof Cerup-Simonsen Takes the Helm as Head of Decarbonisation & Analytics

It all began three years ago, our story with Fridtjof Cerup-Simonsen has evolved into a remarkable chapter. It all started when Fridtjof and his classmates from the Technical University of Denmark approached us with an examination proposal to devise a sustainability strategy for our company – a venture that earned them a well-deserved A+.

(From left; Fridtjof, Christopher & Clara)

Recognizing Fridtjof’s exceptional talent and commitment to sustainable practices, we brought him on board as a consultant to assess our market position comprehensively. Today, we’re thrilled to announce Fridtjof as our Head of Decarbonisation & Analytics, where he will lead the charge in steering our organization towards a more sustainable future.

Fridtjof shares, “The overall ambition is to enhance data-driven decisions that can improve sustainability without compromising on commercial viability.” His passion for merging environmental responsibility with business acumen has been a driving force behind this transformative role.

Beyond the job, Fridtjof finds balance in life by exploring the vibrant streets of Copenhagen with friends and engaging in activities like running and climbing. However, his true sanctuary lies in the mountains, where he pursues ski touring, hiking, and climbing adventures whenever the opportunity arises.

As Fridtjof steps into his new role, we look forward to the innovative and sustainable pathways he will carve for our company, making a lasting impact on our journey toward decarbonisation and data-driven excellence.

Once again – please welcome Fridtjof!

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